Asking for investigation


A lifetime contract

Federal officials of Global Affairs Canada, G7 media officials in Charlevoix, seam to have defrauded Canadian photographers of the largest photographic contract in Quebec history.

AMC issued a tender of $ 75,000.00 with international criteria for participation which were almost inaccessible and received no response as expected.

AMC subsequently made another tender this time of $ 95,000.00 with easier national criteria and removed the security requirements appendix.

In addition, they used the same contract number, and finally, and most important, they hid this second $ 95,000.00 tender from the public by not publishing it, a fundamental part of the tenders, depriving all Canadians of their possible participation at this most important professional photography contest in Quebec ever..

A proposal that was now much easier to participate for thousands of professional photographers, in addition to being more profitable.

They then simply and outright gave the contract to Fabien Durand of Keepoint, a federal tenderer specialist who never made a picture of his life, and had no experience in media photography.

They invited the photographer Michel Roy from Quebec City to participate to have a good second participant, a stooge, and avoid all investigation.

The goverment officials/media officials were caught twice looking for photographers illegally in their personal contacts after the closing of the hidden tender.

The documents on files, and the sloppy submission of Keepoint are still hidden almost two year at Information access and the Office of the Information Commissioner, people are quiting, beeing replace..

After refusing to investigate in December 2018, the RCMP responded in December 2019 that it had no jurisdiction to investigate, all without explanation. Since then, the RCMP has stopped responding.

Ministers and deputies run away, journalists and the media hide the story.

All relevant and public documents on file have been kept hidden from information access for more then two years.
Investigators at the Information Commissioner are replaced one by one and keep dragging their feet so as not to do their job.

The amount allocated has been increased secretly, the rules for participation have been greatly relaxed, the security of the contract (Annex C) has disappeared, trade agreements have been incorrectly invoked, the same contract number used, and even more on a request not disclosed to the public! yes, Federal government employees hid a public tender!

The winner of the tender, Fabien Durand from Keepoint, is a tender specialist, who had never taken pictures in his life when the mandatory experiences and criteria were very specific and spanned on multiple pages.

Serious evidence of corruption has been uncovered: government officials responsible for the contract illegally search by emailed and telephone for photographers in their personal contacts after the close of tenders.

After two complaints accepted by the ombudsman, the ombudsman finally, illegally, added the taxes to the value of the contract to save Global Affairs Canada from an investigation by exceeding the threshold of their investigations.

A few days later and still before the G7, GAC changed again the price of the contract at the Canadian International Trade Tribunal to save themself from an investigation once again.

Unfortunately, the facts demonstrate fraud, collusion and the abuse of power by government G7 media officials. The story deserves an investigation.


  1. Michel Roy and Vincent Ethier have joined forces to be able to respond to the federal call for tenders for: Photographer Host at the G7 in Charlevoix in 2018 REFERENCE Number: 73841432.
  2. Seeing the huge list of many mandatory criteria and experience to be able to participate, Michel Roy has teamed up with Vincent Ethier to ensure that he has all the mandatory criteria and experience requested to participate to the call for tenders.
  3. Michel Roy had promised to do all the paperwork to participate in the tender, but the profits would be divided with Vincent.
  4. Vincent Ethier would be the chief photographer at the Manoir Richelieu and Michel Roy would be the chief manager of the contract. Jointly, they would assemble a team of 15 people to fulfill the requested task.
  5. They therefore submitted a well-prepared tender according to the rules which were proposed, a complete work which deserved a real chance of winning.
  6. The G7 host photographer contract was a job that required experts in the field. It required a very complex submission with the list of the whole team of the tenderer, the names of the photographers, CVs, letters of availability, online portfolio for each photographer, examples of projects, fictitious database online with private access by password, replacement staff, examples of VIP corporate work accomplished by the entire team, etc.
  7. There was a lot of research and documentation to provide in the tender, work which took more than 2 months in total to complete for Michel Roy, who even asked for extensions which were granted to complete the enormous work required.
  8. The G7 photography contract had to be an incredible springboard for the winning company of the G7 Host Photography contract, because this contract would have made it possible to compete with the Canadian Press, which has a monopoly in Canada and did not participate for the first time.The cover page of the prestigious Canadian magazine PhotoNews and a complete dossier portefolio had been promised to Michel Roy, who was in contact with the editor.
  9. Michel Roy and M. Ethier submitted a bid of $ 93,300 with a full team of 15 people.
  10. Fabien Durand of Keepoint won the contract even if, according to the qualifications required for the contract, he could not even participate in this federal request for proposal, since he did not meet any of the mandatory criteria and did not have any of the required skills in photography.
  12. Keepoint submitted a botched proposal, knowing that it could not even participate, knowing full well that the accuracy of its content was unimportant since it colluded with the contracting officials.
  13. Fabien Durand of Keepoint boasts on his website that he is a specialist in federal tenders. He is not a beginner. In 2012, he won a call for tenders from Ste-Justine Hospital to be his specialist in contracts and tenders: an agreement of $ 135,000.00
  14. Fabien Durand of Keepoint is not a beginner when it comes to applying for government contracts. He is aware of the basics such as the mandatory criteria and the experience required to submit a bid to the federal government. Even the most inexperienced applicants know that offers that do not include the mandatory criteria are eliminated early in the process and that offers submitted without qualification in support are immediately rejected.
  15. Fabien Durand of Keepoint was hired as manager of tenders for Videotron from 2011 to 2016, which can probably explain why Quebecor’s media refuse to speak about this matter.
  16. The 3 AMC officials responsible for the contract and the former AMC media officer who were illegally searched for photographers in their contacts are all CBC retired, which can presumably explain that the media from Radio-Canada and CBC refuse to inform the public of the G7 fraud.
  17. The Quebec journalists’ association says it reserves the right to talk about what it wants, even if access to information and the public interest seem to be flouted. They refuse to investigate the matter.
  18. The course of events
    January 25, 2018

    Global Affairs Canada publishes on the government’s website the first version of the request for proposal, the closing date of which was March 1, 2018. It includes a spending limit clause for $ 75,000.00 and requires experience with VVIP and PPI, international events and at least 2 large international multilateral meetings.
  19. This is a request which limits the award of the contract to specialized international companies, for example La Presse canadienne, which appears to be the only Canadian company able to meet the high criteria to be able to participate. It should be noted that at all the other previous summits in Canada, the Canadian Press had won the photography contracts.
  20. The contract also includes a “SECRET” security clearance for the 15 team members.
  21. To evaluate the bids and choose a winner, 70% of the total score is awarded for technical points, so, information from the whole team, experience, portfolio, CVs, availability, etc. The remaining 30% is for the price (30 points on the first, 27 on the second). This means that the weighting gave MUCH more importance to the quality and experience of the team of 15 people than the final price.
  22. February 16, 2018.
    A conference call clearly explains the budget of $ 75,000.00 and the mandatory criteria and very specific mandatory experiences.
  23. Beginning of March 2018.
    No bid is submitted (as they had planned), because the criteria are very high and the budget lower than the other summits.
  24. Subsequently, AMC secretly produced, on March 26, 2018, a second version of the request for proposal, the closing date of which is April 5, 2018!
  25. This is a new version with the same number, but a much more attractive version for Canadian photographers, since the criteria have dropped drastically. The total value of the contract has been increased to $ 95,000.00, the VVIPs have been withdrawn, the experience required in large international multilateral meetings has been withdrawn, the editor has been replaced by a project manager , and the pass mark for each of the rated criteria has been replaced by an overall pass mark of 65% for all of the rated criteria.
  26. Despite this offer, which is finally available to Canadian photographers, it is never published on the government buy and sell website, and therefore hidden from all Canadians – a fundamental element of tenders!
  27. Given that Michel Roy had entered his name on the list of interested companies during the first call for tenders, AMC (World Affairs Canada) directly invites him by email to this new request for proposal with much more accessible criteria and a budget increased to $ 95,000.00 this time. H66-photographe_ interessés H67-Sabourin-demande-
  28. However, Mr. Roy did not want to work for nothing for two months to prepare such a complex bid, and the amount of work being enormous, he wanted to make sure he had all the mandatory criteria. Mr. Roy therefore called the Canadian Press to find out if it was participating in the tender. A nice lady, Chantale, replies that she needs to check. She calls Toronto, calls him back, and confirms that The Canadian Press will not be participating in the G7 this time since F1 is taking place at the same time. She took the opportunity to give him the name of a professional photographer, Frederick Brault, who would ultimately be on the M. Roy’s list of 15 people for the final team.
  29. However, finding 15 experienced and trusted people is a considerable task and Michel Roy fears that he will not have all the experiences requested with the press.
  30. Michel Roy therefore contacted Vincent Ethier in Montreal, who had just come from the Olympic Games as a photographer, and he finally agreed to partner with him if Michel Roy took care of all the paperwork.
  31. Together, they met all of the mandatory criteria, had the knowledge and experience to do the job professionally, and found the right people to do the job with them.
  32. A 3-day contract, worth $ 95,000.00, was unheard of! Two months to put it all together, but the reward was worth it. In addition, the prestigious PhotoNews magazine had even promised Michel Roy the cover page and a photo portefolio dossier on the G7 event.
  33. Former official photographer of the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, Michel Roy has many years of experience in covering important protocol events. He was also a regular columnist for PhotoNews magazine since 2010. Photography and video have been his specialty for over 20 years.
  34. For his part, Mr. Vincent Ethier is a freelance photographer with an impressive professional portfolio. He is notably a regular photographer for RDS, having covered, among other things, the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. He therefore had the profile sought to carry out this project with Michel Roy.
  35. But it was too good to be true: the facts show that the federal request for proposal was a fraud prepared by the people of Global Affairs Canada, in association with the specialist in tenders Fabien Durand of Keepoint.
  36. In order to complete the submission, in addition to answering all the questions, a team of 15 people had to be formed. Michel Roy was to provide names, CVs, letters of availability, online portfolios, project references and details, meet RCMP security requirements, provide hard copies, as well as a list of replacement personnel, etc.
  37. 28.It was a long and arduous job. A delay was even granted twice to be able to respond to all requests for tenders. A first deadline was granted until April 11, 2018, followed by a second deadline until April 16, 2018 to be able to complete the request for quotation.

  1. The changes were never published on the Canadian government’s “buy and sell” website either.
  2. The officials responsible for the tender were still careful not to spread the word that a new request was in progress, they continued to hide everyone’s this request for proposals, without publishing anything on the government’s buy and sell site.
  3. Indeed, the Tribunal perfectly understands that photographers present at a meeting of G7 leaders are subject to security requirements. However, the Tribunal fails to understand how invoking the national security exception to remove rights set out in the CFTA(including recourse to the Tribunal) could be justified with respect to the first version of the RFP, when Canadian photographers could show that they had adequate security clearance.[10]The Tribunal notes that the requirement for a “Secret” security clearance appears to have been dropped from the second version of the RFP.

  1. Furthermore, given that the national security exception may only be considered in the context of the applicability of an agreement, why then invoke the exception if the monetary threshold established in the CFTAis greater than the maximum initial value of the anticipated needs for photographic services ($75,000 versus $101,100): at $75 000 $, the CFTA regulations would necessarily not apply; nor would those of other trade agreements, given that their monetary thresholds are higher than that of the CFTA. The Tribunal does, however, note that the national security exception was abandoned in an amendment to the first version of the RFP. Also, Once the national security exception had been abandoned, why then choose to point out that several trade agreements were applicable? The situation remained unchanged: none of the monetary thresholds of the trade agreements would have been reached. The Tribunal noted that this incongruity was reiterated in the second version of the RFP even though that version once again indicated a maximum contract value below the threshold prescribed in the CFTA ($95,000 compared to $101,100).

  1. AMC even used the same RFP number when the criteria had dropped significantly and the limitation of expenses clause was increased from $ 75,000 to $ 95,000.00 dollars.

  1. Annex C on contract security has therefore disappeared from one version to another.

  1. All of these undisclosed changes were an effective, but illegal, measure aimed at preventing Canadians from participating: a practical way to contract Keepoint.

  1. In the end, as expected by the government, only two bidders competed for this tender.
  2. It had become a breeze to give Keepoint Fabien Durand a contract. They were therefore only two players, in a pre-determined match.
  3. The government therefore invited Michel Roy to participate in this hidden version of the general public because it needed a second bidder… they chose Mr. Roy, a completely inexperienced bidder, who had never made of tender. Mr. Roy was invited to the cunt dinner, the be the stooge, the good second. A unilaterally awarded call for tenders would most likely be under investigation and the people at GAC knew that.
  4. Roy and Ethier lost or course, and the story could have ended there, but the world of professional photography is very small in Quebec city and Mr. Roy finally discovered what had happened.

    Monday, May 7, 2018
  5. Michel Roy was informed by email that he was finishing in 2nd place in the federal tender.
  6. There were only two participants in this $ 95,000.00 photo contract, the largest ever awarded federal government photo contract in Quebec.
  7. Keepoint therefore won it for $ 49,515.00 and apparently had a higher technical score than M. Roy and M. Ethier. Keepoint gets 85.71 points and Mr. Roy and his partner get 73.77.

  1. The difference in the financial assessment between the first position and the second only represents 3 points – all this seems very strange. Michel Roy had answered all the questions in the Request for Proposal religiously and had all the criteria and experience requested, but the contract was awarded to Keepoint, a company apparently having no expertise in the field of professional photography.

  1. Tuesday May 8, 2018:
  2. Francis Vachon, a professional photographer registered on the list of 15 people of Mr. Roy’s team sent with his submission, calls him and tells him that he was contacted to work at the G7, by political photographer Mr. Clément Allard, who he had received a request from a certain Mrs. Robson from the federal government!
  3. This, the day after the closing of the invitation to tender!


  1. Roy calls Mr. Allard, who tells him that the contract is won by Dôme Communication, but that his name must simply be sent to the government with a link on his own website to work at the G7. Michel Roy quickly understands that something is wrong.
  2. Michel Roy therefore contacts Ms. Véronique Sabourin, the person in charge of the government’s Photography contract, for explanations.
  3. She tells him that they don’t have time for a debriefing, that the G7 is within a month of emailing them the questions.

  1. Wednesday May 9, 2018
  2. While Michel Roy informs those responsible for the government contract that he asked the Ombudsman for an explanation, because all this is very shady, AMC now gives a telephone appointment to the applicant and summons him to a debriefing in their office the next day. During the telephone interview, he was confirmed that nothing was known about Ms. Robson. It was mentioned on the phone and during the meeting that the amount of the contract will indeed be signed in the amount of $ 49,500.00.


  1. Thursday morning May 10:
  2. During the debriefing with the government at the Quebec City offices, the project manager, Mr. Dave Mathews, informed Michel Roy that the alleged requests constituted a human error, that of Ms. Robson… that she was a new employee and was elderly.
  3. Back home, a simple search on the internet allowed Michel Roy to learn that Ms. Robson was not at all new and that she had extensive experience as a media manager and that she used to work on these kinds or projects. She was even a great Canadian media specialist and journalist. A CBC alumna, she knew very well what she was doing.

  1. Friday May 11, 2018
  2. During a telephone call from the Ombudsman to the person responsible for the contract in government, the price of the contract was increased in one day by Véronique Sabourin from $ 49,500.00 to $ 95,000.00. This is the maximum allocated for the contract.

  1. The ombudsman then informs Michel Roy by email that he must close the complaint with this new information, because his working threshold is limited to $ 101,100 and that the amount is exceeded with taxes!

  1. The ombudsman therefore wants to close everything that day by lying about the true value of the contract, which supposedly exceeded $ 101,100.00. However, taxes were not to be counted and the maximum of $ 95,000.00 was to be the maximum official value. The ombudsman therefore deprived Michel Roy of an unfair investigation by calculating the taxes!

  1. Tuesday May 14, 2018:
  2. Following a strange response from director Sophie Bainbridge to the claimant as to why the price could vary at any time despite a call for tenders where the needs were clear and defined in advance, the ombudsman finally accepted the complaint. He asked Mr. Clément Allard, the photographer solicited, if he agreed to provide him and share with Michel Roy the emails of the proceedings of those responsible for the government contract, which was agreed and done.

  1. Wednesday May 15, 2018:
  2. Another spectacular turn of events, the ombudsman sends emails received from photographer Clément Allard to Michel Roy which clearly demonstrates that the federal officials responsible for the contract and the quotation of the tender were illegally looking for photographers for them and Keepoint in their personal contacts!

  1. The G7 contract managers, Mr. Dave Mathews, photo and video and media project manager, who had signed the tender evaluations with Ms. Patricia Skinners as well as Ms. Lyne Robson, all from Global Affairs Canada, as well as their friend Mr. Réal Jean, former media operations advisor at AMC, and now at the Ministère de la Francophonie, were actively looking for photographers among their personal contacts!

  1. The invitation to tender was, at that time, CLOSED for one week. The criteria for selecting photographers are very specific and a host of precise information must be provided for each member of the team with the submission of the bid.
  2. This search for federal officials among their personal contacts, the day after the closure of this hidden invitation to tender, highlights the fraud surrounding the award of the contract. The rest confirms things. To put it simply, Keepoint was a facade, a nominee, with the work being done by those responsible for awarding the contract.
  3. AMC media officials have kept this fine contract for themselves. No Canadian Press, the opportunity is too good, they eliminate Canadian photographers and companies by proposing a contract with a lower budget and almost unattainable conditions, then redo a hidden tender, with much higher value, more flexible requirements, without many requirements and simply give Keepoint the contract.
  4. Telephone calls with photographer Clément Allard tell us that photo contracts are often dodgy and that he himself does not participate for this reason.



  1. A phone call from Mr. Roy with Jacques Boissinot confirms that Ms. Lyne Robson was not old and new, but rather very experienced and knew a lot of professional Quebec and Canadian photographers. She took advantage of her experience and contacts to find photographers for Dave Mathews, the project manager who evaluated the contract.


  1. Knowing that Michel Roy had just received incriminating emails, and also that he had just discovered that the contract officials were doing illegal actions, Ms. Véronique Sabourin, the contract manager, files a complaint against Michel Roy at Sureté du Québec for threatening and harassing because he told her he plan to communicate with the newspapers and television news about these incriminating emails and the illegal actions of federal officials.

  1. Michel Roy must therefore report to the police station, he is arrested, then released on a promise not to contact them any more and to report two months later to have his fingerprints taken. The government is showing nervousness as evidence of fraud and collusion begins to emerge.
  2. She withdrew her complaint to the police a few weeks later, but the intimidation did not prevent Mr. Roy from continuing his quest for the truth.

  1. Subsequently, Michel Roy goes to the Canadian Trade Tribunal to try to have his questions answered and try to have the contract terminated before the start of the G7, which takes place 3 weeks later.

  1. Michel Roy therefore files a complaint with the Canadian International Trade Tribunal and explains the situation to them.
  2. Considering the evidence of almost daily price changes, illegal research emails from government project officers after the closing of the tender, and faced with a situation where it was evident that Fabien Durand of Keepoint did not meet any of the criteria requested, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal accepts the complaint.

  1. Doing things halfway creates difficulties. Keepoint and federal officials from Global Affairs Canada, who awarded the contract, are still looking for photographers 4 days before the start of the G7, and this time, directly call Mr. Francis Vachon, who was on our list of professional photographers.

  1. Vachon was already engaged for the G7 on behalf of another media and he transferred the request Michel Roy, because he was aware that he was investigating to find out the truth.
  2. Michel Roy therefore calls the unknown person at the government who had called Mr. Vachon to find photographers. Knowing everything relevant, Michel Roy records the conversation.
  3. Valérie Englebert of AMC was looking for photographers for Global Affairs Canada. Her husband Mr. Olivier Geuzaine is the chief of staff of Global Affairs Canada.

  1. The research is to hire a photographer for a gender equality event long anticipated in the G7 contract. All this, 4 days before the start of the G7. Michel Roy therefore records the conversation with Mrs. Englebert and the facts are disturbing: once again, without security requirements, absolutely no structure on a contract that never happened finally, they were looking for photographers…

  1. An extra contract of more than $ 10,817.00 is therefore added to the G7 contract of Mr. Fabien Durand of Keepoint, while the Keepoint contract is precisely under investigation at the Canadian International Trade Tribunal.
  2. The value of the contract is changes again following a request from the government attorney to evade the complaint.

H137b-Lettre de l’ACDI – 11 juin 2018

  1. A lower invoice is filed with the Canadian International Trade Tribunal to accommodate this new information, not to reach the CITT threshold and not be held accountable for their actions!
  2. The value of the contract is no longer $ 95,000.00, but now $ 83,350.00

  1. When added to Ms. Englebert’s contract, the total is now $ 94,167.50

  1. The lowered invoice still saves them from the threshold of investigation, that of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal this time, and the complaint is closed.
  2. However, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal flayed the government in its Order. He comments on several government actions that remain unanswered today.

  1. After changing the value of the contract from $ 49,515.00 to $ 95,000.00, by falsely calculating the taxes, and by prematurely closing the ombudsman’s investigation, the contract price is found this time at $ 83,350.00, which prevents another investigation from being conducted and saves them from having to answer questions about the contract again.

H142-Résumé-M ParentH143-Lettre au Tribunal (12 juin 2018) H144-Lettre de l’ACDI – 11 juin 2018 H145-Lettre au Tribunal 16 juillet 2018 H146-Lettre M. Parent-explications H147-Réponse 12 juin 2018 H148-prix-final-17-juillet-2018 H150-PR-2018-004 Ordonnance et motifs H151-Reponse-demande-fin-enquête-Roy ChanoumH153-PR-2018-004 – Lettre du Tribunal_l’adjudicataire du marché H154-PR-2018-004 Ordonnance et motifs H155-prix-final-17-juillet-2018 H156-Reponse-demande-fin-enquête-Roy Chanoum H157-Résumé-M Parent H158-cheque-arret H159-Contrats-split

  1. With all these price changes, Mr. Roy only finds himself with closed complaints to the Canadian International Trade Tribunal and to the Ombudsman!
  2. With this last adjusted invoice of $ 94,167.50, Mr. Roy’s complaint therefore falls within the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman.
  3. But the ombudsman informs Mr. Roy that he cannot reopen a closed complaint or reopen an investigation, even if it was closed illegally without respecting the rules, since they calculated the taxes and closed his complaint unfairly!
  4. The Ombudsman then announces to the requester that he will make a complaint report on the mandatory criteria and on the separation of contracts, but that no investigation can ultimately take place.


  1. He informed Michel Roy that he could not do anything about the fraud and that he should contact the RCMP.

  1. Michel Roy can no longer speak to the ombudsman, everything is done in private for the ombudsman. A report will therefore be produced 120 working days later, on December 18, 2018.

  1. For months, the RCMP, the Competition Bureau and UPAC pass the puck to each other with the shared documents and no one does anything or investigates. The whole story show overwhelming evidence of fraud.


  1. October 2018
  2. Michel Roy denounces on his Facebook and internet with great fanfare for months that the government has defrauded the G7 photo contract.
  3. November 2018
  4. Following the public denunciation of the story on internet, Michel Roy receives a private message by Messenger from Caroline Grégoire, who is a photographer for the newspaper LeSoleil. Miss Grégoire promises Michel Roy that he will receive help from his journalist in Le Soleil, who will call him to publicly publish the history out.
  5. Michel Roy therefore meets journalist Marc Allard du Soleil with the editor-in-chief at their office. He gives them all the written and audio documents, and takes the time to discuss the case and the fraud and illegality of the case. A photo session of Mr. Roy was quickly improvised in front of the LeSoleil building on boulevard Charest in Quebec.
  6. December 2018
  7. Two articles by the Capital Media Group are published, explaining that the contract should finally have been awarded to Mr. Roy and Mr. Ethier, considering that he had received only two candidates for the tender process and that Keepoint could not be admissible… and since Mr. Roy and Ethier were good second bidders according to their history and met all the mandatory criteria and all the conditions, they should have won the contract.


  1. Unfortunately, this is completely inaccurate, Michel Roy and Vincent Ethier were only the stooges of the government in a arranged contract.
  2. The Ombudsman’s report was finally ready on December 18, 2018.

Final Report – ENGLISH

H180-Final Report FRENCH

  1. A large number of serious and illegal events were still completely forgotten, deliberately omitted: point calculations that do not stand up, amounts on invoices, and evidence of collusion were omitted in this report.
  2. There is no mention in the report of the illegal searches of photographers which occurred after the closing of the invitation to tender.
  3. It has also been omitted to report that the government hid the second version of the tender from Canadians, preventing them from participating.
  4. The report does not address the fact that GAC removes the requirement for a security clearance on the second submission.
  5. It does not explain the many price changes of tenders.
  6. The report claims that Keepoint had submitted a tender, but the tender specialist refuses to show it in full.
  7. The government has been hiding notes and invoices at the information acces file for almost 2 years.
  8. In december 2018, The RCMP sends an unexplained letter to Mr. Roy and says that the whole thing does not deserve an investigation.
  9. Éric Couves, a student at the University of Ottawa who signed the first version on security which was completely removed (Appendix C disappeared in the second version of the call for tenders hidden from the public), refuses to comment.


  1. In fact, all the G7 media players refuse to comment on the case, the transparency is none … Although the evidence is overwhelming.
  2. Photographic emails from photographers of G7 media workers and several illegal acts in this report are intentionally omitted to protect public servants from charges of fraud, collusion and abuse of power; all illegal acts that add to the other evidence.
  3. Despite all omissions in the report, the Ombudsman confirms that emails have been deleted and adds irregularities committed by Global Affairs Canada to drown out the real evidence.
  4. Michel Roy receives two formal notices from Keepoint, which amount to attempts at intimidation


  1. The Ombudsman concludes in his false report that the contract should finally have been awarded to MM. Roy and Ethier.
  2. This position is taken considering that only two candidates are on file and that Keepoint is in no way admissible, whereas the good second candidates met all the mandatory criteria and had fulfilled all the conditions. Unfortunately, this is completely inaccurate, Michel Roy and Vincent Ethier were only the good second in order to avoid an investigation at AMC.
  3. The ombudsman, with his report, proposes that Michel Roy and its partner receive a maximum compensation to its limits according to its rules, or 10% of the total amount before the extras to the contract. A great story: we offer the check for $ 8,350.00 Mr. Roy, we turn everything in error and we quickly forget this whole story.

  1. However, after sending a formal notice to the government jointly with his partner Vincent Ethier, in January 2019, Mr. Roy requests financial compensation as well as explanations and apologies, and after months of discussion, no offer is not accepted.


  1. The government absolutely does not want to admit that their methods were twisted, whereas Mr. Roy knows that they have prevented competition and defrauded the G7 photography contract, and does not want to be an accomplice in their crime.
  2. The Chief of staff, Olivier Gauzaine, sent a formal notice to Michel Roy to try to intimidate him for the recordings of the illegal request of his wife, who was looking for photographers illegally 4 days before the G7.

  1. M. Roy received a formal notice from a G7 photographer, Mr. Gilles Fréchette.


  1. No money can buy justice according to the values of Michel Roy, being perfectly aware of the matter. The latter would feel complicit in the fraudsters by accepting money without taking responsibility, that Canadian photographers need an apologize and that these illegal practices would stop.
  2. Canadian photographers were therefore denied a very large contract, the largest government photo contract in the history of Quebec.
  3. M. Roy, his partner and his team of 15 people unfortunately served as a showcase, as stooges, for the media of the Government of Global Affairs Canada who organized the G7 with their nominee, a specialist in federal tendering, Fabien Durand from Keepoint.
  4. All relevant details and documents of the contract as well as the bids are always hidden by Information Access. Several complaints have been accepted at the Information Commissioner’s office, but nothing has been done for almost two years. The investigators leave the office, then are replaced, leaving place to a pathetic work of cover of the government on all the line.

  1. With F1 in Montreal at the same time, photographers are missing for the G7. The honesty of Mr. Clément Allard, who agreed to share illegal emails, and of Mr. Francis Vachon, who had worked for the G20 and the Sommet de la Francophonie and who was on our list, made the difference in unveiling the truth at the start.

1 boissono courriel-conteste-rapport-plainte courriel-ombudsman-Boissinot englbert englebert-suivi

  1. Dave Mathews, Mrs. Patricia Skinners, Mrs. Lyne Robson, all of Global Affairs Canada and their friend, Mr. Réal Jean, also former media operations advisor at GAC, got their hands dirty. This very important situation, like many other illegal situations, has never been discussed in the Ombudsman’s report or in the media.

consentement-Allard consentement-courriel courriel-Boissinot Courriel-illégal-1 Courriel-illégal-2 Courriel-illégal-3 courriel-ombusman-prix demande-enquete

  1. Journalists, mass media and even local newspapers, radio and investigative broadcasts refused to share any information in this story and do everything to hide or bury it for almost two years – protecting the government medias so that the public is not aware of this story, even if it is obviously a great public interest.

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  1. The RCMP sent a refusal to investigate letter on December 18, 2018, and after receiving the relevant documents and the explanations, the RCMP replied to Mr. Roy in December 2019 that it had no jurisdiction to investigate and refuses to comment or explain why.

  1. The Competition Bureau and UPAC do nothing, or turn a blind eye, although they have known about it for over a year.
  2. M Roy contacted severals ministers and deputies, French and English medias, and the motto is clear: they ignore everything, in the hope that everything will crumble and be forgotten.

  1. It is high time that Canadians became aware of this collusion at the G7 2018 and took the floor to request an investigation. To this end, a request for an inquiry has been made on and more then 1400 people have already signed the petition.

  1. G7 pages and government information have been removed from the Internet since 2019.
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  3. Michel Roy is trying to inform the population of this matter on a website despite the fact that the media are hiding this fraud.
  1. Unfortunately, it is evident that the government has unhesitatingly defrauded the G7 Host Photographer contract with Keepoint, who served as the nominee.

His Excellency Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, Son Excellence Emmanuel Macron, Président de la République française

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Son Excellence Isabelle Hudon, Her Excellency Isabelle Hudon

His Excellency Prof. Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister of the Italian Republic, Son Excellence le Prof. Giuseppe Conte, Premier ministre de la République italienne, His Excellency Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, Son Excellence Shinzo Abe, Premier ministre du Japon, His Excellency Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, Son Excellence Emmanuel Macron, Président de la République française, The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, Le très honorable Justin Trudeau, Premier ministre du Canada

  1. A lawsuit claiming more than $ 1 million has been brought in justice
    T-187-20 against The QUEEN and KEEPOINT INC. according to the Financial Administration Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. F-11)
  2. Commitment 1The Government of Canada is committed to taking appropriate measures to promote fairness, openness and transparency in the bidding process for contracts with Her Majesty for the performance of work, the supply of goods or the rendering of services. 2006, c. 9, s. 310.
  3. Canadians have the right to an explanation and an inquiry, this is a matter of public interest.
  4. Please sign and share the inquiry request